Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last Trivia

1. What was the name of the book Dumbledore left for Hermione in his will?
a. The Tales of Beedle the Bard
2. Whose sign was on Xenophilius Lovegood's chest?
d. Grindewald
3. Was October 30, 1980 the night that Lilly and James Potter died?
b. No

4. What's another name for the Elder Wand?
a. Deathstick

5. Whose Potterwatch code name was 'Rodent'?
d. Fred

6. What was so special about the peacocks at the Malfoy Manor?
d. They were all white

7. Who does Harry say was "probably the bravest man I knew?"
a. Snape

8. What thing was Lockhart giving Hagrid advice about getting out of a well?
b. Kelpies

9. What was the occupation of Colin Creevey's father?
d. Milkman

10. Which Professor of Hogwarts was a dueling champion when he was young?
a. Flintwick

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Got my Package

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! Mandy it's so great! I love everything and the yarn you dyed my is fantastic! I can't wait to get started! Thank you so much again and I'll post a little later on the main site for everyone to see! THANK YOU THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Triva round 2

1. In Deathly Hallows what does Harry step on when exiting his room to wash his cut?

c. A teacup

2. Which two members of the Order of Phoenix came to escrot the Dursleys to a safe place?

b. Dedalus Diggle and Hestia Jones

3. In order to throw off the Death Eaters, several of Harry's friends take Polyjuice Potion to resemble him and each Harry goes with a different member of the Order of the Phoenix to a different location. Where do Ron (disguised as Harry) and Tonks go?

a. Aunti Muriel's house

4. At Bill and Fleur's wedding, Harry must disguise himself by taking Polyjuice Potion and takes on the appearnce of a redheaded Muggle boy from Ottery St. Catchpol. He was introduced to wedding guests as Cousin . . .

c. Barny

5. Kingsley sends a message via Patronus to warn the Weasleys and wedding guests of the coming Death Eaters. What form does his Patronus take?

b. A lynx

6. In the Half-Blood Prince what drink does Romilda Vane try to give Harry?

d. Gillywater

7. What is the name of the person that heads the Holyhead Harpies?

a. Gwenog Jones

8. What tatoo is Harry reported to have on his chest?b. Hippogriff9. What color robes do the staff at Weasley's shop wear?

b. Magenta

10. Where do Nicolas Flamel and his wife Perenelle live?

d. Devon

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

So sorry!

So sorry I haven't blogged in a while I have just been so busy with life in general. I do feel that it is starting to calm down a little though. But we are starting to tear apart my kitchen. It's so exciting to think that in two weeks I will have a new floor, counter tops and sink. It has been a long time coming, you know how it is when you live in a work in progress. The little jobs never seem to get done. We do seem to be making head way with me laying the kitchen floor it's getting done. You all know how it goes when you wait on your man to do things. At least that is the way it is here. I did get my swap bag done and just have finishing touches to do now for my sock swap partner.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hectic Week

Boy, what a week. Too much long distance running around for me this week. It really makes the knitting adventures few and far between. I seem to be in high demand. I went for my little visit to see my college daughter and bring her a few things that she needed. Tonight went for that every other week visit with the husband because he is a long haul truck driver the visits are only every other week. You know I bring him groceries and take laundry. The deal is lots better than it was before when we only saw each other every few months.
Well enough of that, I almost have my swap bag completed and hope that Mary-Catherine likes it alot. Done with most of my shopping too. So this is really pretty good for me, I fell almost like I'm ahead of the game. I still am scoping out more additions to include in the package though.
We have this shop that is close to me that I really want to go and visit. It's called the Yarn Garden and I hear that it's fabulous. I think the next time that I'm in demand and have to drive practically past it I'm going to stop and check it out for myself.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

HSKS 3 Trivia

1.b. Charity Burbage
2.c. Alecto Carrow
3.c. The wand chooses the wizard
4.a. to kill the owner
5.d. Jack Russell Terrier
6.a. Otter
7.a. Stew
8.c. Roast potato
9.b. Three up, two across
10.d. 'For those who take, but do not earn

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Time for Knitting

The me time has started and it is wonderful. School has started for the entire household, the mornings have become a quiet interlude with the knitting needles and the morning coffee. I might add that this time also includes the phone but there is this invention called speaker phone that works so well for knitting time that it is incredible. Of course once I go blue tooth that will be a whole other ball game. Now I am starting a KAL for a stole I am very excited as I have wanted to work on one and this is a mystery of sorts, which means it will be all the more exciting. This is once again something that my college daughter has introduced me to. She is trying to drag me into this century with the computer and all, with me kicking up a little fuss but not much. Only because I am not that computer savvy and sometimes that makes some things difficult. I am slowly learning howto get around though. Learning all the new skills takes some time though.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

. What Hogwarts house have you been sorted into?

2. List your favorite double-point needle brands, including size and length. Or would you prefer circulars?

I would prefer circulars in size 0 or 1, with a 24 inch length.
3. Would you like to try a new brand needle? If so, which brand? Size? Length?

I love the Addi turbo needles and I use 2 needles at a time. I am in the process of trying the circs from Knit Pics though.
4. If you are a RAVENCLAW, do you prefer the colors in the film or the book? Do you have a strong preference?

5. Do you have any allergies?
I am allergic to cigarette smoke for sure but as of yet no allergies to any fibers.
6. If you are swapping scarves - what is your desired length for the pattern? This will help your partner find the pattern that is just right for you and buy yarn accordingly.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sock Swap 3 and off to college

Well it's time for another exciting sock swap. This time is sooooo exciting because my daughter is our house perfect. Also we took her to her college home this last weekend so the nest is getting alittle emptier. I don't think it's getting any calmer though but we are working on that. School starts for my son next week and I can honestly say that I can't wait. To have the quiet during the day will be absolutely wonderful. Teenagers seem to have lots of drama in their lives. So for all of you out there with teens almost adult children I feel for you!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Got my Package

Here's my wonderful package from Mary C. I LOVE IT! I really love all the great little goodies! THE NEEDLES ARE GGGGGGRRRRREEEEAAAAAATTTTTT!!!!!!!!! THANK THANK THANK YOU! There Lantern Moon yummy! Rosewood! Me, her daughter is very very jealous!
I also recieved Knit picks yarn in navy and bronze which fit the book colors perfectly I think that I'm going to do the Socktopia pattern Nagini in the colors. Well Thank you thank you again Mary C. Maybe I'll see you in HSKS 3!

Friday, July 13, 2007


1. What did Mrs. Weasley make to eat the first night that Harry arrived at Grimmauld Place?

2. When the children are de-Doxying the curtains what lunch does Mrs. Weasley say she will bring them?

3. When Hermione arranges to meet Rita Skeeter in "The Three Broomsticks", what is Luna Lovegood eating?
A cocktail onion

4. The wizard bank Gringotts is located hundreds of miles below London, deep under the Underground. Due to this, what does Hagrid say you are mostly likely to die of even if you manage to break into one of the vaults?

5. True or False: In "Sorcerer's Stone", when asked by Harry what the difference is between stalagmites and stalactites, Hagrid's answer is: "A stalactite grows down from the ceiling. A stalagmite grows up from the floor."

6. In "Prisoner of Azkaban", Harry meets Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, at the Leaky Cauldron when getting off the Knight Bus. Fudge takes him inside and sits him down to have a "chat" with him about blowing up his aunt Marge. Fudge says that everything has been repaired and that the Dursleys are prepared to take him back next summer on what condition?
That he spend the Christmas and Easter holidays at Hogwarts

7. In "Prisoner of Azkaban", Harry spends time every day gazing longingly at his dream broom, the Firebolt. The first day he ever saw it, Harry overheard the owner of Quality Quidditch Supplies telling everyone that which National Quidditch team had just placed an order for seven of them?

Irish International Side

8. Book Three: When Harry is hiding under the table in the three broomsticks what drink does Flitwick order?
Cherry syrup and soda

9. How much do Fred and George bet on Ireland winning and Krum getting the Snitch (Ignore the 5 Galleons for the fake wand)?
37 galleons, 15 sickles, 3 knuts

10. How much does a journey on the Knight Bus (without toothbrush or chocolate) from Magnolia Crescent to London cost?
11 sickles

Sunday, July 1, 2007


There are 4 to 5 stitch markers in a set!!!!!! At least I think so!

Monday, June 25, 2007


1. What Hogwarts house have you been sorted into? Ravenclaw
2. List your favorite double-point needle brands, including size and length. Or would you prefer circulars? Crystal Palace Size 1 DPN 7"
3. Would you like to try a new brand needle? If so, which brand? Size? Length? Would LOVE to try Ebony or Rosewood DPN Size 1 but don't expect anybody to get those for me either!
4. If you are a RAVENCLAW, do you prefer the colors in the film or the book? Do you have a strong preference? Book but not a really strong Preference
5. Do you have any allergies? Cigarette Smoke

Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm In

Hurray! I'm in the swap along with my daughter Jennifer which who would've guessed we're both Ravenclaws! Daughter like Mother I guess! I'm so excited to do this!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New HSKS 2

I tried to do the first swap but unfortantly didn't have the blog thing right so hopefully this time works because my daughter really enjoyed the swap and I really Really want to do this so wish me luck!